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Outhouse Americana  The Bull Hill Workshop Olde Tyme Outhouse Builder, Restorer & Entertaining Speaker to the Publick

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Ovarian Cancer Awareness


We are an emphatic proponant for ovarian cancer awareness as most women aren't aware that they have it until it is in later stages, when it is too late to add very many quality years to their lives through treatment.


We are not doctors but symptoms may include; Bloating, Trouble eating or feeling prematurly full, Pelvic or abdominal pain, Urgent or frequent urination also Fatigue, Upset stomach, Back pain, Painful sex, Constipation, Menstrual changes.


There are no routine tests which will detect it. A PAP smear cannot detect it.

If suspected, your doctor will order a CAT scan and/or CA125 blood test.






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