The Bull Hill Workshop Outhouse Builder, Restorer, Speaker & Publisher
The Bull Hill Workshop Outhouse Builder, Restorer, Speaker & Publisher 

A good sized seat next to a long narrow one charecterized this kybo. 

This very early 20th century was built with no frame. That was corrected after it was rebuilt & restored.

The framless wonder.

Although rebuilt at times, this Westchester, Ct. thunder box contains elements dating back to 1736. It is located along a direct road midway between Gen'l Rochambeau's  hussar camp from Lauzun's Legion and the Marlborough Tavern where Gen'l Washington is said to have stayed.

Typical 1700's seat from a surviving 1736 privy. Note the multiple auger holes along the circumference which the builder used to inset a key hole saw to complete the job. 

Rustic carpenters cut out a shape in which a person could place their hand as an equivilant to a doorknob. Expensive metal hardware was used on the more visible structures. 

Contrary to the belief of some, the crescent was not used as a symbol for the illiterate as literacy in colonial America is said to have been over 99%.

Need to know something about old Kybos? Ask an old timer with a real mind. What does a hand-held plastic brain know about using an outhouse? 'Cept it should be dumped down the pit with them old whiskey bottles.



Millington, Ct. School Privy

 I restored the historic 1850's Millington schoolhouse privy. After completion, the local authorities done painted it inside & out the same barn red so it's tough to see the restored detail inside.

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