Outhouse Americana The Bull Hill Workshop Olde Tyme Outhouse Builder, Restorer & Entertaining Speaker to the Publick
Outhouse Americana  The Bull Hill Workshop Olde Tyme Outhouse Builder, Restorer & Entertaining Speaker to the Publick

Because Of Variable Lumber Costs, All Prices Are Approximate

Call For An Up To Date Quote

This is a non-profit hobby for me. The prices shown are approximate to cover materials only. You will not be charged more than the cost of procurring materials and usually less. These prices are only guidelines as the price of lumber has been on one heck of a roller coaster ride. Get in touch with me before ordering for a better quote.  Sorry.


I do not build garden sheds, as they are not the same as outhouses, nor will I convert a garden shed into an outhouse for the same reason.

Outhouses have requirements for health and safety reasons, often mandated by state laws which set them apart from sheds which only a trained privy builder is aware of.


What I call the Rustic, is a most popular iconic style and can accomodate multiple seats or holes, such as for Papa, Mama and Baby bears. The sloped roof is higher where ya stand, lower where ya sits. 


From $ 900.00






My Americana style is a good one-holer and two Americanas can be built back to back to provide separate men and lady necessaries.


From $ 950.00

Heard 'bout dem Japanese toilets? Well mine still work fine without power and mine don't try to tell you what to do or how to do it. I also can handcraft the most comfortable seat for you in the industry. 

Most of my units are built to accomodate a pit or can be cleaned out through a access panel, as was popular in the late 1800's. Ask for more details.

The US revolution would not have succeeded had it not been for the French so I've created this Euro-French style. Makes a dandy multi holer and in the French tradition uses a heart instead of a crescent for a door knob. The German's incidently just used an augered finger hole.

This model uses appropriate antiqued hardware.


From $ 1,200.00

All styles can be built with a composting toilet - add about $1000.00  onto the price. Contact me to discuss what options are available for you. 

How I craft 'em


Bull Hill Workshop outhouses are individually designed and built based upon each customers unique requirements. However I insist on using quality materials and methods which will endure for generations of owners.


Each base is carefully crafted with pressure treated 4x4 lumber with floors made from decking stock. I consider the base to be so important that I spend most of my first day constructing it. 


Each unit is carefully framed with 2x4's 

Siding is usually ship lap or tongue-in-groove boards. I do not use plywood or composite materials for siding unless specifically requested by the customer.

Roofing, screening and other materials are appropriate to the customer needs.


I use screws throughout the structure and rabbet frame connections. Nails is a dirty word here but some are used on decorative touches.


Each kybo is designed and delivered with access to clean out buckets (included) or easily adjusted to accommodate a pit.


Proper windows, venting and "little" touches are also included. 


Them is designed like a work of art and crafted like fine furniture.

My proudest accomplishment are all my satisfied customers!


Product Quality


Our crafts are produced by folk who have learned to think and problem solve without the need for dem hand held plastic brains which so many of today's over pampered, mass media influenced, "like me" zombies use.

So called smart phones are not welcome at this shop.

We Build Good Stuff

Please contact me so we may talk in order to make sure you get what you want at the price you want. If you can, I prefer that you look at the quality of my products at my workshop before you commit.

All prices are for delivery outside my shop door. Let's discuss ways ya can get these to where ya needs to.


I will not burn my brand on the product unless it earns it!

My "toilet paper roll book,"


Outhouse Americana


Outhouse Americana is a unique twelve  foot or so, long one page book providing the reader with folksy, entertaining and good information on the evolution of the kybo, basic thunder box building and folk lore. It is filled with decades of experience only a full time kybo crafter, restorer and lecturer could provide. Give those thumbs a rest while sittin' on the pot & enjoy some good old paper readin' for a change.

The holder is not included and please wait to finsh reading  before using it for anything else.



These numbered signed first editions sell for  $30.00 

Mail or e-mail your order to:

Outhouse Americana 

151 Bull Hill Rd

Colchester, Ct.  06415






Note: The first edition is just about sold out. A second printing has been ordered and expected delivery is by the end of 2023. See here for further details.

allow six weeks for delivery




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