Outhouse Americana The Bull Hill Workshop Olde Tyme Outhouse Builder, Restorer & Entertaining Speaker to the Publick
Outhouse Americana  The Bull Hill Workshop Olde Tyme Outhouse Builder, Restorer & Entertaining Speaker to the Publick

The Bull Hill Workshop offers the following products to enhance your outhouse experience.




Note: I do not sell e-books. If anyone is offering one on-line, they are breaking the law. Please report any abuse to me. Thanks.






  "The Authority," of Outhouse, Backhouse, Privy Building

by Georg Papp, Sr,  OBPA


          This is a good natured, folksy, easy to read book in the voice of a genuine kybo builder which discusses much of privy folklore as well as good practicalities in an unpretentious way.  It is not potty humor nor is it a boring history of toilets. It will entertain you while imparting knowledge you'd have never thought you'd a been interested in. 


24 pages

$ 7.95









"Outhouses of Connecticut"

by Leslie and Richard Strauss

Photographs by Jessica Strauss Hunt


"This delightful journey throughout Connecticut will have you laughing and learning simultaneously. Step back - into time and yards. You will soon understand why we preserve these little buildings; how they conjure up memories and inspire tall tales.The photographs, recollections, poems and stories shared by Nutmeggers across the state expresswhy outhouses hold such a special place in our history and hearts."


Note: Folk from all over have enjoyed this book. You will too, no matter where you live.  Geo.


127 pages

$ 14.95

Purchase both books for $20.00

At least $ 1.00 from each item sold, is donated to the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition. 


Many places say they'll donate money to a cause in order to get your business. In reality they are using that as bait to get you to buy from them but in reality they are adding to their profits by using that donation as their tax credit. 


I will send you a special receipt with each purchase which states the amount of the cost you have donated so you may take the tax credit. I will not trick my customers or cheat them out of their good deeds. The Bull Hill Workshop will not claim your donation as a tax credit on our books.


If a customer is dead set against making a donation to the NOCC, they may mail their donation receipt back to me and I will not make that contribution, but those funds will be transferred to my profits.

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